Our Extra-Curricular Offer

At Parish Church of England Primary School, we offer a wide variety of optional extra-curricular activities to help pupils discover new skills and interests. Children can participate in a number of creative activities (such as craft club and chef club) as well as a wide range of sports (ranging from dance, to football and multi-skills) in addition to our choir.  Some clubs are delivered by our school staff. However, we also liase with a number of external groups (including Emma Jones, our Dance Specialist, PECo Sports, our Sports Coach and Mrs Devaney, our Music Specialist) to enhance our extra-curricular offer. The list of clubs available varies from term to term. 

All of our clubs are offered for a nominal 50p charge for the entire half term; this is testament to our commitment to providing enrichment opportunities for ALL children. 

Each half term, we conduct an audit of impact for the clubs offered and this enables us make our offer completely bespoke to the needs of the community and to identify key groups of pupils who may benefit from attending future sessions. 

In Phase 3 (years 4, 5, 6), children can also take part in Parish University with an even wider range of clubs on offer. Visit our Parish University page for more information.