School Uniform

Parish CE Primary School is committed to promoting equality and value for money and to ensuring that no child is discriminated against due to their religion or belief, economic circumstances or social and cultural background. This policy contains provisions to meet these objectives and has been created with health and safety, value for money and practicality at its heart. 

Additionally, it is important that our pupils feel a sense of belonging to our school. We believe that wearing a smart and practical uniform allows all children, regardless of their backgrounds, to feel equal to their peers and confident in their appearance. 

We also believe it is important for children to wear clothing that is conducive to a successful learning environment, including activity-appropriate clothing, such as sports attire.

Our Uniform

The school endeavours to ensure that our uniform is as gender neutral as possible. 

The uniform is as follows:

  • Grey v-necked jumper, grey tank top or grey cardigan (with or without the school logo)
  • White polo shirt
  • White shirt with green tie (KS2 only)
  • Black trousers/Black Shorts
  • Black skirt/pinafore (in summer, a green and white summer dress may be worn)
  • Black, sensible shoes (not trainers)
  • Grey, black or white socks (green frill permitted)
  • Grey or black tights
  • Green book bag (with or without the school logo)

Trainers, open-toed sandals and large, thick boots are not considered suitable footwear for school.

High heels are not permitted: sensible, plain black shoes must be worn by both boys and girls. 

Black jeans and leggings are not permitted in day-to-day uniform.

All items of clothing and footwear must be labelled with the pupil’s name.

Our PE Kit

Children are asked to come into school on the day of their PE lesson wearing their PE kit. They can wear it for the full school day.

Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring their child is dressed appropriately for PE.

The PE kit is as follows:

  • Plain white T-shirt (with or without the school logo)
  • Black zipped hoody or sweatshirt or normal school jumper (with or without school logo)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms or leggings
  • Black shorts (in summer)
  • Plain, suitable trainers or black pumps

Plain jogging bottoms, hoodies/sweatshirts are preferred. However, a small, branded logo is acceptable.

All items of clothing and footwear must be labelled with the pupil’s name.

pe kit.JPG



Forest School Clothing

Children are asked to come into school on the day of their Forest School session wearing their Forest School clothing. Parents/carers will be informed of their children’s Forest School days via newsletter, our website and/or via text reminders.

Arms and legs must be covered to avoid scratches and/or stings.

Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that their child is dressed appropriately for Forest School.

Forest School clothing is as follows:

  • Waterproof coat (or waterproof jacket in warmer weather)
  • Comfortable tracksuit bottoms or leggings (not shorts)
  • Long-sleeved top
  • Wellington boots or old trainers
  • Appropriate hat for the weather
  • Scarf and gloves (in colder weather)

Additional items include:

  • Waterproof trousers
  • Spare socks
  • Spare underwear

All items of clothing and footwear must be labelled with the pupil’s name.


The only permitted jewellery that may be worn is:

  • One pair of stud earrings (no other piercings are permitted)
  • A sensible wristwatch (not a smartwatch)

Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school. Lost or damaged items will not be refunded.

We advise that jewellery is not worn on PE Days. All jewellery must be removed during practical lessons, for example, PE lessons / swimming lessons. If children cannot remove their own earrings, then this should be done at home on the day of PE. 

School Bag

Pupils must use an appropriately sized green book bag to carry their Rainbow Folder and Reading Books. These can be with or without the school logo.  

Large bags / large rucksacks are not permitted for day-to-day lessons due to space on children’s pegs.

Additional book bags can also be purchased from our school office at any time.

Summer dress pale green checks or stripes


School Uniform Stockists

Please note that school ties are also available at the school office:

Jaymax Uniform Shop

School Wear Specialist

91-93 Church Street

St Helens

WA10 1AJ

Telephone: 01744 752003

Whittakers Schoolwear

38 Bridge Street

St Helens

WA10 1NW

Telephone: 01744 451 812





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