Our teaching of writing aims to enable children to enjoy using language in different contexts and have the confidence and ability to do so. We strive to encourage our pupils to become independent, enthusiastic and lifelong writers who can communicate their own ideas and emotions well.

The intention of our writing curriculum is to embed a consistent and sequenced approach which immerses pupils in language and literature. Our avid readers and future authors read carefully selected core texts and a plethora of other quality reading materials with gusto and they craft their writing based on texts, experiences, knowledge and aspirational models. Progress is driven by high expectations and a passion for always producing high quality, creative outcomes. Our bespoke curriculum design ensures that children are given the opportunity to write in order to persuade, to inform and to entertain and also to produce independent ‘shine’ pieces as a means of clearly demonstrating progress over time. We structure learning so that genre, associated grammatical features, vocabulary and compositional effectiveness are looked at carefully at each stage. This consistent approach ensures that children are highly competent writers by the end of KS2. Our text-led approach to writing also allows us to prioritise reading for pleasure, and this alongside our structured phonics programme and discrete reading lessons, means that reading permeates every stage of our writing curriculum and indeed beyond. 

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