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Our Parish University initiative has been running since 2015 and has become a key component of our Curriculum offer  - perfectly supporting our 'Influencing Aspirations' Rainbow Promise. Since the programme began we have developed a strong relationship with the University of Liverpool and have hosted all graduation ceremonies at the prestigious University of Liverpool Management School. 

In 2016, the then Secretary of State for Education - The Rt Hon Justine Greening -  wrote the following about our university:

          ‘I loved reading about Parish University and I think that is a really fantastic project – the comments from your graduates really do speak for themselves. It is wonderful that children, who previously thought that going to university was not a path that was open to them, are imparted with such self-belief and determination to reach their potential. I want this to be a country which provides everyone with brilliant life chances, and I hope that more schools follow the inspirational example which you set.’

The project aims to show pupils some of the possibilities that are available to them later in life – one of these being access to University life. Participation in the Parish University spans over several years and links with professional businesses and universities. The course begins at a basic ‘Bachelor’ level and includes courses, projects, visits to universities and cultural events, as well as the development of social skills.

Each element of our Parish University course is linked to our Rainbow Curriculum to ensure that our children are successful in life and learning, no matter what their starting points and barriers to learning may be. Just as the Rainbow symbolises hope from a Christian perspective, the Rainbow Curriculum is designed to offer our children hope for the future in terms of their achievements and aspirations and what better course for influencing aspirations than Parish University.

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The Parish University course is made up of seven component running from February through to July. Each one is linked to a Rainbow Promise. To graduate, all seven components must be completed.

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