Collective Worship

At Parish CE Primary School collective worship is central to our life and it reflects and explores the school’s distinctive Christian character and contributes to the academic achievement, spiritual development and well-being of all – pupils and staff. Worship offers our school community an opportunity to reflect on values and issues in the context of our Christian ethos. It reflects our Christian vision and shapes our approach to others and to what we do in school. In accordance with Liverpool Diocesan Guidelines, our school ensures that every child is entitled to an opportunity for daily worship.

Withdrawing Pupils from Collective Worship

The 1996 Education Act gives parents the legal right to withdraw their children from collective worship. This is upheld under the 1998 Act.

As an Anglican school we hold great value in the power of collective worship to formulate, enhance and celebrate the power and wonder of our Christian Faith. This said, if parents wish to withdraw their child from collective worship we request that the reasons be put in writing and submitted to the Headteacher.



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