Staff Who's Who

Mrs J Young

Executive Headteacher


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C Beechey

Deputy Headteacher 

Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Hardy

Deputy Headteacher (Partnership)


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs H Moore

Inclusion Leader (SENCo)

Senior Leadership Team

parishprimCM 613 (1).jpg

Mrs D Morris

Pastoral and Safeguarding Manager

Leadership Team


parishprimCM 612 (1).jpg

Mrs E Flanders 

Year 5 Teacher

English and Global Learning Leader

Leadership Team

JW Photo.JPG

Miss J Wells

Year 4 Class Teacher



Mr D Molyneux

Year 3 Class Teacher

RE and Parish Spirit Subject Champion


Mr A Campbell

Year 6 Class Teacher

Physical Education Subject Champion

Miss M Dodd

Year 2 Class Teacher

Computing and Science Subject Champion


Miss M Duggan - Teacher.jpg

Miss M Duggan

Reception Teacher

EYFS and History Subject Champion


parishprimCM 074 (1).jpg

Miss R Warbrick

Nursery Teacher

Art and Design Technology Subject Champion

parishprimCM 173 (1).jpg

Mrs L Eves

Support Teacher




Mr B Corcoran (SPLASH Children's Art and Design)

Artist in Residence


Madame J Wallbank (Primary Languages Network)

Specialist Languages Teacher - French



Mrs D Devaney

Specialist Music Teacher and Vocal Tutor


Mrs E Jones

Specialist Dance Teacher



Full of Beans

Sports Coaches



Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Allcoat

Level 3 LSA/Health and Wellbeing Champion

Mrs Denmade

Level 3 LSA/ Rainbow Room Lead Practitioner

Mrs N Roberts - Senior Teaching Assistant - Health & Wellbeing Champion.JPG

Mrs Roberts


Level 3 LSA/Health and Wellbeing Champion



Mrs Clarkson

Level 2 LSA

parishprimCM 265 (1).jpg

Mrs Dillon-Hall

Level 2 LSA 

Mrs Longworth

Level 2 LSA

Mrs Ashbrook

Deputy Nursery Manager 

Level 3 Nursery LSA

parishprimCM 010 (1).jpg

Miss Graham

Level 2 LSA 

Mrs J Morgan - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Mrs Morgan

Level 2 LSA

Mrs R Morris - Teaching Assistant.jpg

Mrs Morris


Level 2 LSA

Mrs H Casey - Teaching Assistant.JPG

Mrs Casey


Level 2 LSA

Miss O'Dell

Level 2 LSA


Mrs Gittens

Level 2 LSA

parishprimCM 060 (1).jpg

Mrs Clitheroe

Level 2 LSA











Office Staff

Mrs Clare

School Business Manager

Leadership Team


Miss H Whitehead - Administration Assistant.JPG



Miss Whitehead

Administration Assistant

IT Support





Lunch Time Supervisors


Miss Dodd

Midday Supervisor

Miss McManus

Midday Supervisor


Mrs Cronin

Midday Supervisor


PR Photo.png



Mrs Roberts 

Midday Supervisor



Mrs Conley

Catering Staff



Mrs Garrity

Catering Staff

Site Supervisor

parishprimCM 001 (1).jpg

Mr Vinnie Cangemi

Site Supervisor