General Details

You are going to produce a project. This will be at least 3 pages long and will contain a mixture of maps, text, pictures and diagrams. You must try to use your own words and not just ‘copy and paste’ information. This is really important – you need to understand the information in your project and you may be asked questions about it. The project is to be handed in by 30th March. It can be done in a file, an exercise book or ‘loose’ pages. You can type it, or write it. Staff will then mark the project and decide whether it is a ‘merit’, ‘graduate’, or ‘honours’ pass. Good luck.

Some information you may like to include:

You might want to include some, or all, of the following information.

Use a map of St.Helens (you could download one from the INTERNET or photocopy one from the library). Show that you know the local area surrounding your home or school, up to a radius of 2-5 kilometres. Using a key, or by annotating (‘drawing on’) the map, locate as many as you can of these:

  • doctors, veterinary surgeons, dentists, hospitals and ambulance station
  • fire station, police station, garages, shopping centres, retail parks and convenience stores
  • main bus stops, railway stations and local routes of buses and trains
  • schools, public parks, theatres, sports and leisure complexes and cinemas

Explain :

  •  How to use a four-figure, or six-figure grid reference.
  • Understand how to use o.s. symbols on a map.
  • How to use the 8 cardinal points of a compass (ie. N., N.E., E. etc)
  • Contour lines on an Ordnance Survey map.
  • Using a 1:50000 or 1:25000 scale Ordnance Survey map, show that you understand the meaning of scale.
  • places of worship, museums, schools, colleges and local government buildings


If you want to try for an Honours pass in this project, you may be asked questions about the sections in red

Review of a Website (this may be really important if you want to achieve an ‘honours’ pass)

Look at a walking website such as

Which walk would you choose (if you were with an appropriate adult)? Why choose this walk? You may use ‘screen shots’ of some of the web pages to explain your answer.