The intention of our Maths curriculum is that pupils develop fluency in the fundamentals of maths and over time we are aiming for children to have a conceptual understanding and can recall their knowledge rapidly, with accuracy to solve problems. We strive for all children to reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, finding relationships, using generalisations as well as developing justification or proof using mathematical language.

Our curriculum design ensures children will be given the opportunity to develop clear, logical and flexible approaches to activities and enquiry based problems related, whenever possible, to real life situations in the world beyond the classroom. This is achieved through a strong emphasis on teaching mental arithmetic skills, calculation strategies and on children having a sound knowledge of the number system, number bonds and multiplication tables. We aim to achieve this by delivering high quality Maths using Singapore strategies in Year 1 -5  and using elements of the scheme alongside other high quality resources in Year 6. 

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