Our teaching of English aims to enable children to enjoy using language in different contexts and have the confidence and ability to do so. We strive to encourage our pupils to become independent, enthusiastic and lifelong readers and writers. Our bespoke writing curriculum which is text driven, innovative and inspiring-  alongside our various strategies and systems for promoting reading and a knowledge of authors wherever possible- allows us to nurture this love of language and of the subject itself.  Our rigorous teaching of spelling strategies, from direct phonic teaching in KS1 to multi-sensory spelling approaches in KS2, provides our children with a range of successful spelling strategies and the ability to apply them in their independent work. Our school Speaking and Listening year group overviews, encourage children to be articulate speakers and good responsive listeners in a variety of situations. We work hard to allow the children to develop a fluent, legible handwriting style and take care with presentation of their work – the standard of the children’s books has been noted by many external visitors and shared with schools across the North West! It’s not only in English lessons that we focus on the importance of literacy skills; instead we help the children to understand that language they have acquired may be relevant across all areas of their learning and life and to apply that language where possible. English matters at Parish and we are immensely proud of our achievements in this subject area!

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