Admission arrangements

Parish is a Church of England Primary School situated in the Diocese of Liverpool and is maintained by St Helens Local Authority.

Admission arrangements are determined by the Governing Body of the school in consultation with the Diocesan Board of Education, the Local Authority and other admission authorities in the relevant area.

The Admission Number for the 2021 Reception year intake at Parish Church of England Primary School is 30.

Making an Application

Applications for Reception year in September 2021 should be made on the applicant’s home local authority common application form. Copies of St Helens Primary Education Information for Parents Booklet and application forms will be available at all St Helens primary schools and the Admissions Section of the Local Authority from September 2020 onwards.

St Helens residents may also apply online via

Applications must be submitted by January 2021


All applications will be considered at the same time and after the closing date.

Decision letters/emails will be sent to parents in April 2021

In Year Transfers

Applications for a place in reception year after the waiting list has closed or

Years 1 – 6 should be made on the Local Authority’s in year common application form. The application will then be processed in accordance with St Helens in year co-ordinated admission scheme.

Parents will normally receive a written response to their application within ten school days.

The admission arrangements for Parish C.E. Primary School are in accordance with the School Admissions Code, the School Appeals Code, other laws relating to admissions, and relevant human rights and equalities legislation. It follows, therefore, that they do not discriminate against or disadvantage disabled children or those with special educational needs.

A fully copy of our ‘Admission Arrangements’ can be found in the Policies section of the school website.

All Enquiries about school admissions should be made through the Local Authority School Admissions Section 01744 671035

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