A visit to the Mayor's parlour and the cenotaph

As part of both the Adventure Service Challenge and Parish University Course, pupils went on a 'Cultural Visit' on 29th January. Firstly, they visited the Town Hall. Here they were given more information about the building itself and its history. Amazingly, the Mayor agreed for the children to interview him in the council chambers. Children learned about the vital role of the chamber in making decisions about the future of our town. The Mayor was so impressed with the children's questions that he then invited them into his parlour and asked all children to sign his special book. 


After the Town Hall, children paid their respects at the Cenotaph before taking part in a Local History Workshop at Central Library. As part of this workshop, Mrs Leyland and her team showed us some amazing photos of the building of the Library and how the rooms originally looked. They explored photos and other artifacts to find out more about this beautiful building.