A real Comic Super-hero pays a visit to school

A real Comic Super-hero pays a visit to Parish Church School

Strange things have been happening at Parish CE Primary School this week. Eye-witnesses report a host of super-heroes- including batman, hulk and spider-man- all playing together in the school yard. For only one day this year, it seemed as if the town-centre school had been able to reunite comic-book heroes with their wicked arch-enemies.

In actual fact the town-centre school played host to Tim Quinn, a celebrated illustrator at Marvel Comics. “We wanted to promote comics as a motivation for writing, as well as an inspiration for reading”, said Assistant Head Teacher, Mrs Young.

“Tim worked in different classes to produce art work, story boards and even movie trailers. The famous illustrator discussed the often over-looked ‘softer side’ to our comic-heroes explaining their compassion for others and their need to do good for society.” To celebrate Tim’s visit both pupils and staff dressed as their favourite super-hero.

Acting Head Teacher, Mr Thomas said: ”it was a pleasure to host Tim – it was one of those special days in which the children had a glimpse of what it takes to be a true master in a certain field. Tim stressed the need for compassion –it was a great message for everyone”.