University Syllabus

Our Syllabus


We want our university to be dynamic, varied and challenging!

To join the Parish University, you need to go to these 2 after-school clubs:


You also need to come along to at least one of our cultural visits (some are free):


And finally, and this is the big part, you need to attend 2 study unit courses (these are in red) ; you also need to select 1 project (these are in blue).

                                                   OUR STUDY UNITS

Courses (You must attend 2 of these).


Course Tutor



Mr Foster

3 dinner sessions

Spring 2

Emergency First Aid

Mrs Aspinall-Wood

2 evening sessions

Thursday 10.3.16



Mrs McDonald

Miss Roden

3 dinner sessions

Spring 2


Mrs Tilston

2  evening sessions

Monday  1.2.16


Young Engineers

Miss  Porter

3 dinner  sessions

Tuesday Autumn 2

Computer Programming

Mrs  Tilston

3 evening sessions

Monday 11.1.16




Janet Lloyd Network

3 dinner sessions

Thursday Summer 2

World Faiths


Rev Harry

3 dinner sessions

Friday  Summer 2


Project Work. You must complete 1 of these.


Extra Information

Hand-in on 10th February (graded on 12th February)


Meteorologist (Weather)


Environmental Conservation


Global Issues


Local Knowledge










Astronomer (Stars and Planets)

For this project there is some  writing but you are also tested on some of the information (highlighted in yellow) within our syllabus.

Nature Lover (birds, plants, animals)

Football Enthusiast

Poetry Lover

Aspirations Tutorials

We begin our learning journey by ‘upping’ our aspirations. This is done by attending a meeting with our ‘Aspirations Tutor’.

Below is an example of our Aspiration Record.

Files to Download