Our Reading Leaders are passionate about books!

Being a Reading Leader is all about reading for pleasure and sharing the deep enjoyment of reading a great book. Our Reading Leaders have been chosen for their love of reading and their enthusiasm to share this with others.

Part of the job of a Reading Leader is to encourage others in school to read more, and find their own love of reading. There is much research that shows children who read regularly at home perform better at school. As well as being beneficial to learning, it is also lots of fun when you find the right types of books for you!

Another role the Reading Leaders take, is making sure others get to know about new books, and all things related to reading. They do this through:

  • Leading assemblies (e.g. World Book Day whole school assemblies)
  • Learning about new reading technology and how this can encourage a love of reading. They can then show and tell to the rest of the school all about anything new that they have tried out and liked.
  • The Reading Leaders read to other classes and individuals to help show what great reading role models they can look up to.
  • They will pick and recommend books for children in all year groups to highlight the range and types of books we can all get in school for everyone to enjoy.
  • Reading to younger children whenever possible
  • Promoting the use of the playground Book Hive
  • Monitoring the School library and class libraries
  • Suggesting books for younger children and the wider school community
  • Helping school decide which new books to purchase
  • Running a weekly ‘Book Café’ at lunchtimes

Why not ask one of our Reading Leaders what book you could read next!? They are:

Olivia Peel

Maisie Rees

Cameron James

Lillie Cole

Kaitlyn Cook

Lucy Miller

Chloe Slater