Read Write Inc

Read Write Inc


At Parish CE Primary School we follow the Read Write Inc programme to teach phonics, reading and inspire our writing. Read Write Inc starts in Nursery where children learn the Set 1 Speed Sounds. The Read Write Inc learning journey then continues into Reception and Key Stage 1. Children are assessed at various points throughout the year and are grouped accordingly and progress through the programme providing suitable challenges for their assessed phonics level. 

Reception learn Set 1 sounds from September until Christmas and then are assessed, ready to begin the new year in set groups. 

for more information on assessment and grouping, speed sounds and how to support your child at home. Please click on the following link.

Phonics Screening Check

In Key Stage 1 children are assessed at the end of Year 1 using a Government Statutory Assessment Tool known as the Phonics Screening Check. This screening check confirms whether the child has learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard and will identify sounds needing further consolidation in Year 2. For more information on the Phonics Screening check and for suggestions on how to support your child at home please speak to your child's teacher.


A free website to help you support your child with reading and foster a love of reading.  It includes:
Over 100 FREE ebooks to enjoy with your child
A Phonics guide (including how to say the sounds correctly)
Ideas for motivating boys to read
Great ideas to keep them reading in the holidays
Reading games and activities.
Would you like to find out more about RWInc? Well here’s your chance … click on the image to view some of our RWInc lessons in action! Fantastic free phonics games for your budding reader to play at home.

Includes games that will support the Year 1 phonics screening check.

These games include alien and real words.  They will really support children with their sounding out.




Here you will find LOADS of fabulous alphabet and phonics games and interactive online stories. So much to choose from … your child will never be bored! Phonics games and printable resources to boost reading of high frequency words and practise your sounds The CBeebies ALPHABLOCKS has a great site where your children can 
play games and watch short video clips … all with phonics as the focus.


Here you will find a selection of phonics flash cards and word lists to support your child’s reading as they progress through the Read Write Inc. programme.


Book Band

Red books

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Please click the link Speed sounds set 1 Speed sounds set 1 Speed sounds set 2 Speed sounds set 2 Speed sounds set 3 Speed sounds set 3 Speed sounds set 2 and 3  Speed sounds set 2 and 3


Click the link for a downloadable handwriting worksheet for your child to practise forming their letters using pre-cursive letters.


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