Prayer Space

Prayer Space Events

Our annual ‘Prayer Space Event’ focuses on 6 Gospel/Christian Values:

Justice, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Peace, Worrying and Friendship.

This event is centred upon the power of prayer and its ability to improve lives.

The ‘Direction’ of Prayer

We work with our Church to produce a 2 day event in school which develops our ability to pray ‘upwards’ ( towards God), ‘outwards’  (towards the issues of the world around us)  and ‘inwards’ (towards ourselves).  Both adults and children are then encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings.


 Activities include:

Be Still          “Be still, and know that I am God.” David, Psalm 46v10

This encourages students to take ‘time out’ of their busy day to pause and be still for a few moments and contemplate the beauty of the world around them.

 ‘Fizzy Forgiveness’

Encourages the children to realise that as human-beings we occasionally need to say ‘sorry’ and forgive ourselves.

 ‘Cardboard Home’

This activity develops empathy and the ability to partially understanding how difficult life can be for children across the world and for  those much less fortunate than ourselves.

 ‘Ask the Big Question’

Encourages the children to contemplate the mysteries of life and to think more deeply about the majesty, awe and wonder of the world around us.