Internet Safety

During  Home Learning:

Thinkuknow is a fantastic website to remember how to keep safe online. Click on the link to have a look 😊 Also think about what Tag the mouse would have done it your E-Aware lessons, in school. Think of what you have learnt about:

  • What private information is.
  • How much time you should spend online.
  • Cyberbullying
  • What to share online.

While using the internet at home, if you have a problem online remember, you can:

  • Tell a trusted grown up at home.
  • CEOP – the CEOP button in case of emergency.
  • Childline - for support, should you need it.
  • UK Safer Internet Centre - to report and remove harmful online content.

Adult  Guidance:

Further support, solely for parents and carers to keep their children safe online, is provided on Parish Internet Safety page. In addition to this, further guidance can be found at

Online Safety - Roblox:

It has come to light that there are some concerning games accessible to children on a site call Roblox. Roblox is a website, which has a suite of games available for children to play on and message people on. We are aware that this website is popular with primary school and younger secondary school students. It is an ongoing craze. Students can access games, play online with friends and strangers and they can create games as well as purchase Robux (this is the currency of the game that can be purchased using real money).

It has been brought to our attention that some of the games on the website are of a sexual nature, where students can select a character, have graphic sex with other characters and chat to other users. This game is an uploaded game, which has been created by users. One of these games is called consent. It is highly concerning that someone has uploaded a sex simulation game for young children to play and therefore it highlights the types of users that are on there with children. Both adults and children can play this game.

There are other games involving suicide games, such as jumping off a cliff and breaking as many bones and tearing as many ligaments as possible, and horror shooting games.

As we have said, users can create and upload games onto this site and young children and adults can both join.

Please can you check the below:

  1. Check if your child plays on this website
  2. Check the games they are playing on
  3. Check their private messages to see who they have been talking to and what is being discussed
  4. Check if they have been giving any Robux to other people and if so, why?
  5. Check that your bank details or apple ID details etc. are not linked to this as there have been cases where children have spent hundreds of pounds buying in game add ons
  6. Check their account settings and check that their date of birth is correct, so that game filters are applied
  7. Check that they aren’t talking to strangers on other accounts, such as Tik Tok (which is a popular social media account where children are posting videos)
  8. Check how long they on the website for? Restrict their time as long periods of playing is unhealthy

Please be mindful that there are games on this that are worrying. This game website exists to make profit and therefore they want money from your child. As always, there are risks all over the internet and it is important that you discuss these risks with your child and monitor their usage.

Please remind them to not give away their personal information and not to talk to strangers. If you haven’t already, set up parental restrictions on your internet and ensure you are able to monitor what your child is doing. Spot check their devices randomly and regularly.

Many parents want to trust their children and therefore don’t monitor this regularly. You can’t take the risk - PROTECTION has to come before TRUST. To protect your child you must know what they are doing online. You wouldn’t let your child walk into a crowd of thousands of unknown children and adults and leave them to talk and play unmonitored, so you must not leave then unmonitored on the internet.

Current Updates

Online Safety

Please be aware and vigilant about your child's use of online media.

Please assure your children that they can talk to ANY member of staff in school about any issues connected to online safety - we will always try to do our best to support them and contact you to make you aware of their concerns.

Here is a link to a safe site which we use in school to educate children about online safety, which may be a vehicle for your to discuss this with your child.


Guidance Documents

Also, we have attached parental guides pertaining to various social media and gaming platforms for your information. More information can be found at

If you have concerns or further questions then please speak with Mrs Aspinall-Wood, our Safeguarding Manager, who will be more than happy to offer support to you. 

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