Our Rainbow Curriculum

Introduction to the Rainbow Curriculum.


The Rainbow Curriculum has been designed by Parish C of E to provide a bespoke, unique and exciting curriculum that ensures our pupils both achieve and aspire highly. We achieve this by providing a quality education, based on Christian values, that is inclusive and equips pupils for lifelong learning. Within this, we do place an important emphasis on English and Mathematics; however, we also maintain a broad and balanced approach and use a wide variety of resources to help us to deliver our offer (including visits, visitors and specialist teachers). We believe that it is important that the children's experiences are wide, particularly in the area of Arts, Culture and PSHE. In this we ensure that our children are exposed to the best that has been thought, said, created and achieved.

Our Rainbow Curriculum ensures that as a school community, we are able to ‘Grow in Christ’ together.


What is the Rainbow Curriculum?

The Rainbow Curriculum is a ‘knowledge-enabled’ curriculum, which is based on current pedagogical research. Our approach to the curriculum is ‘holistic’ and ensures that our children are presented with the best opportunities in life. Through our curriculum offer we set high expectations for each and every child and we are relentless in our commitment to overcoming barriers and to developing children who are self-motivated in their pursuit of learning. With this in mind, our learning focus is based on developing pupils’ knowledge, skills and ‘vital vocabulary’; attributes which our pupils can then take in to their secondary education and beyond.  Below you will find the purpose and intent of our Rainbow Curriculum.



The purpose of our Rainbow curriculum is to ensure that our children are successful in life and learning no matter what their starting points and barriers to learning may be. Just as the Rainbow symbolises hope from a Christian perspective; the Rainbow curriculum is designed to offer our children hope for the future in terms of their achievements and aspirations.


What does the Rainbow Curriculum look like?

English, Maths, Design and Technology, Music, MFL (French), Computing, PSHE, PE and RE are taught discretely in line with our aims and intent; however, cross curricular links are made explicit, ensuring that pupils are able to make connections between subjects.

Science, Geography and History are taught through our ‘learning quest’ approach to individual lessons and all topics begin with a ‘Wow’ experience. Through adopting this approach, we are able to nurture curiosity and centre lessons around key questions to be examined.  All our units of work have been tailored by staff to include key knowledge expectations, recurring themes, subject specific and progressive skills and ‘vital vocabulary’ links. When appropriate and realistic, cross-curricular links are also made with other subjects and other areas within the Rainbow Curriculum itself (e.g. Articulate Learners, Resilience and Perseverance, British Values etc.)

Art and Design is centred upon the development of key skills encompassing artists, designers and architects. In addition, children study and reflect upon the contribution of British artists and designers on our culture and society.



Encourage Resilience and perseverance

Develop     Articulate learners

                    Influence aspirations

                    Nurture curiosity

Instil           British and Christian Values

Provide      Opportunities to build upon knowledge and skills

Promote    Wellbeing and Health


The 'Our Rainbow Curriculum' document on this page gives more detailed information about our offer. We have also provided curriculum overviews for each year group and more in depth information into curriculum areas for your information.


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