Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At Parish we strive to provide a unique and exciting curriculum for our children. Within this, we do place an important emphasis on English and Mathematics; however, we also maintain a broad and balanced approach and use a wide variety of resources to help us to deliver our offer (including visits, visitors and specialist teachers). We believe that it is important that the children's experiences are wide, particularly in the area of the Arts and PHSE. To this end we hold specialist focused weeks and days on an annual basis. Pupils from Year 1 upwards also have the opportunity to study French.

In addition to the above, we enhance the curriculum through the employment of specialist dance, Sports and music teachers.

The Learning Challenge Curriculum

We follow the National Curriculum 2014 which was made statutory from September 2014. We structure our delivery of the National Curriculum around our bespoke ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’. This includes a series of learning challenges/key questions to be examined; an invigorating ‘wow experience’ to inaugerate units of study and the itemisation of key skills to cover within each area. In advance of the introduction of this 'Learning Challenge Curriculum', staff corporately ‘individualised’ the offer by adding a progressive sequence of key skills to each unit thus ensuring full , and progressive, coverage of the statutory elements of the National Curriculum and making each unit a ‘bespoke’ plan. When appropriate and realistic, cross-curricular links are made with other subjects. 

We have provided more in depth information into some of our curriculum areas (English, Phonics/Read, Write, Inc., RE and Maths) and further information specific to other curriculum areas can be obtained by contacting the school. In addition to this, please explore the curriculum for each year group in the documents provided on the 'Curriculum by Year' page.


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