Arts Mark Gold Award

In the academic year 2013-2014, we achieved the ‘Artsmark Gold Award’ from the Arts Council England. To achieve this award, the school had to demonstrate their commitment to the arts across four areas including music, drama, dance and art, craft and design.

Achieving Artsmark status demonstrates that Parish CE Primary School has a number of very special qualities. It demonstrates that we:

  • have an arts and cultural provision for all children and young people

  • are forward thinking and open to development

  • are committed to investing in staff and young people, in effect nurturing talent

  • are committed to listening to our students and providing opportunities for the community

  • have an effective approach to building sustainable relationships with arts and cultural organisations

  • value the arts and culture through a broad and balanced curriculum

“This is a school with a strong commitment to the arts and that delivers arts of a high quality both as a stand alone and cross-curricular programmes of study.”

Arts Council England (2013)