Able, Gifted and Talented Clubs

At Parish C.E. Primary School we pride ourselves on the achievements of all groups of pupils. If a child shows a particular ability or aptitude we always attempt to nurture this and (when appropriate) we ‘sign-post ‘parents to suitable bodies or organizations which provide specialist tuition. As one example, we have paid for clarinet lessons for a particularly able pupil.

In addition, we organise many enhancement activities and clubs for able, gifted and talented pupils. Over the past couple of years, these have included the following:

  • Independent School Exam Coaching Group ( in the past couple of years 2 of our pupils have gained scholarships to prestigious independent schools. One of our pupils achieved the second highest position in Merseyside).

  • Level 6 Coaching Sessions – each year several of our pupils gain the highest primary school level (Level 6) in writing, grammar and mathematics.

  • ICT Web Design (KS2)

  • Ball Skills (KS 1)

  • Ukulele, Clarinet & Guitar Tuition

  • Maths Club KS1

  • Squash

  • L6 Writing Club (Y6)

  • KS2 Reading Club (linked to Library Service)

  • Dance Club (KS1)

  • Dance Club (KS 2)

  • Art Club (KS1 & KS2)